California is a capital of craft beer.  And down here in San Diego, some people say we are in the Bordeaux of beer.   Well if that is true, and we think it is, the world needs to taste more of what makes California craft beer so great.   West Coast Style IPA’s, infused stouts, sour beers, barrel aged brews, and all styles in between, California Craft Exports specializes in exporting the best beer California has to offer.

The Port of LA is one of the world’s busiest container terminals and gives us incredible access to global distribution.   Our primary market is in Sydney, Australia but we focus on all Pacific Rim countries with free trade agreements with the USA.  If POTUS doesn’t take the trade agreements away, and even if he does, CCE will get fresh, cold, delicious California Craft ales and lagers to international markets so that global drinkers can taste California’s world-class beer.

We operate within three main sales channels- on premise, off premise, and e-commerce.   CCE will craft a strategy to serve existing channels based on each market’s preferences.  Heck, we might even invent a few ourselves (3D printer lagers anyone?).  The bottom line is we offer the best experience for every drinker, whether they’re relaxing at home or out at Bondi’s hottest new pub.   




At California Craft Exports we believe that great craft beer comes in many packages.   If you are interested in trying our own private stock, please let us know.   And if you need help crafting your own private label from our brewery network right here in California we are here to help you do that too.   

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